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How to add Watermarks in Microsoft Word


Go to the Page Layout tab


Microsoft Word Page Layout tab


Then click the Watermark dropdown

If you want you can use one of the following watermarks


Microsoft Word Default Watermarks


To remove the watermark click the Remove Watermark


Microsoft Word Remove Watermark


You can create your own watermarks

To do so select the Custom Watermark


Microsoft Word Custom Watermark


You can select a 1 - Picture watermark or a 2 - Text watermark for your document


Microsoft Word Printed Watermark Window


Let’s add a picture watermark

Click the picture watermark radio button and select the picture


Microsoft Word Picture Watermark Radio Button


Then click the OK button

Let’s add a text watermark

This time click the text watermark radio button


Microsoft Word Text Watermark Radio Button


Type the text you want to display

There are few more settings you can try on

You can select a color

Then click OK button

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