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Formatting Text 


In this tutorial we are going to find out the basics of text formatting in the word

Here is the section in the word ribbon where you can find the basic formatting technique


Word Ribbon Basic Formatting


Let’s start formatting the text of the following sample paragraph


Selected Text Area


First thing you have to select the text area you want to format


Word Text Formatting Tools


1 Select the font type in the drop down to change the font

2 You can select the size of the font here

3 You can also use the following two buttons to increase and decrease the size of the font

4 This is really a usefull feature to change the selected text to uppercase or lowercase

5 You can bold the text

6 You can literalize the selected text

7 You can underline the text

8 You can draw a line through the text

9 Create small text bellow the text baseline

10 Create small letters above the line of text

11 This is to apply the text effects like shadow, glow or reflection

12 This is to highlight the selected text with a color

13 To change the color of the font, select the following

14 Finally the most importantly select the following to clear formatting 


 For further details please refer to the following video 



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