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How to manage contacts in Gmail part 01

Let’s find out the way of managing your contacts in Gmail. You can access your Gmail contact module by following few simple steps

Click the Gmail icon


Gmail Icon


Select the contacts from the list


Gmail Icon List


It will open up the contacts module where we can manage our contacts and also you can see a Contact area in the contact module  to select all the features


Gmail Contact Area


Let’s go through one by one


 More About Gmail Contact Area               

1 - All contact

it will show your all contact list in the Gmail account


2 - Frequently contacted

This section will show you a list of contacts that you are frequently keep in touch with. it’s like a holding area and if you want you can add them to your contact.

There are 3 actions buttons that you can use to add, edit, and starred your contact in Gmail

Gmail Contacts Module Action Button


3 - Groups

You can group your contact


4 - Find duplicates

You can marge you duplicated contact in your contact list using find duplicated section


5 - More

And then the more section with more options to select with and we will learn about it in a latter tutorial


There are few ways of adding a contact to your Gmail contact list

You can add a contact from your frequently contacted contact list by using action button in the right hand side  

Click the add button in the selected item


Add Frequently Contacted


Now you can see it has been added to your all contact list


Added Frequently Contacted



You can add a completely new contact by clicking the + button

Click the + button in the bottom left corner


Gmail Add New Contact Button


Enter name of your contact you want to add and click the blue Create button


Name Of The Gmail Contact


Now you can add more important details to your contact like email address and click the save button


Gmail Edit Contacts Window



Also you can add a contact directly from the emails

Open the email you want to add for your contact


Sample Gmail Message

Right hand side you can see the details of the person who has sent the email to you


Gmail Show Details 01


Click on the show details

Click the down arrow and click the add to contacts


Gmail Show Details Add To The Contacts


Now It has been added to the contact


Gmail Show Details Added To The Contacts


Click on view contact details

To edit the details of an existing contact click the edit button


Gmail Added Contact


Then you can add more details to it and save

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