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How to create an e-mail signature

Let’s start the tutorial by answering the following question

What is an e-mail signature?

An e-mail signature is a block of information that we can include in the bottom of every e-mail we send. Normally e-mail signature contains information like Contact details

Creating an e-mail signature will save your time to type the same piece of information again and again in your e-mail massages

These are the steps which you need to follow to create an e-mail signature in Gmail

Click the gear icon

Gmail Gear Icon

Go to the settings

In the general tab, scroll down to signature section

Gmail Settings Signature Section

First turn on the radio button instead of No signature radio button on  

For my e-mail signature, I am going to add the following information

  • Best Regards,
  • Name
  • E mail address and website

Gmail Settings Signature Infromation

You can format your text using following section

Gmail Settings Signature Fomatting

You can add colours to your text, bolt them, writing italics, underline them and many more formatting. You can even add a link to your signature just like when you writing an e-mail in Gmail.

Adding link to your signature

Click the link icon

Gmail Settings Signature Link

And type the text that you want to include as a link and paste the URL of the destination

Gmail Settings Signature Edit Link

You have one option to insert this signature before quoted text in your replies and also you can remove the (_ _) lines by checking the following check box

Gmail Settings Signature Only One Option

But this time I am going to leave it unchecked.

Once you have done formatting of your signature click the save and close button.

Gmail Settings Save and Close Button

Let’s see how it will appear in our email

Click the red compose button to create a new e-mail.

Gmail Settings Signature Final

Now you can see the e-mail signature which we have recently created has been added to the e-mail message presently we are working with

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