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How to Change Themes and Inbox Types in Gmail

In Gmail there are some settings to customize your Gmail interface and inbox types

Customizing the interface and other components helps users to interact and get a good experience with Gmail

Let’s start by adding a theme to your Gmail account

Click the gear icon

Gmail Tutorials Gear Icon

Then select the themes from the list

It will open up a screen with list of images that you can select with

Gmail Tutorials Gmail Themes


Select a theme that you like and click the save button.

It will apply to your Gmail interface without making it disorder as follows


Gmail Tutorials Themed Interface 


You can upload your own images as a theme by clicking the my photo button

Gmail Tutorials Gmail Themes My Photos


How to go back to the default theme

Lights theme is the default theme of the Gmail


Gmail Tutorials Default Light Theme


Select the lights theme and click the save change button at the bottom


Gmail Tutorials Theme Save Button


Changing the density of the inbox

Click the gear icon

There are three types of density that you can select with

Please take your free time to select each level of density and to find out what is the best for you.

Referring to the following images you can see the difference of each level of density


Inbox Display Density level Comfortable

Gmail Tutorials Comfortable Density Level


Inbox Display Density level Cozy


Gmail Tutorials Cozy Density Level


Inbox Display Density level Compact


Gmail Tutorials Compact Density Level


How to change inbox type

The default inbox type of the Gmail is tabbed inbox type

Click the gear icon

Go to the settings

Then click the inbox tab

Gmail Tutorials Settings Inbox Tab


Now you can change inbox type by selecting an another inbox type in the inbox type drop down


 Gmail Tutorials Settings Inbox Type Drop-down


Let’s try a one inbox type (started)


Gmail Tutorials Settings Starred First Inbox Type


You can also decide how many email messages you want to show in your inbox under the selected inbox type by clicking the option drop down

Click the save and close button


Gmail Tutorials Settings Save Changes Button

Now you can see the inbox type has been changed to the selected inbox type start with 5 emails as we selected in the option drop down and all the other Email has been moved to the Everything else section


Gmail Tutorials Starred Inbox Type

One of the best inbox types is priorities inbox type and in priorities inbox type you will have few more option to select with


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