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Gmail Keyboard shortcuts

Let’s find out first, how to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail


Please follow the following steps

Click the gear icon

Gmail Gear Icon

Go to the settings

In the general tab, scroll down to the keyboard shortcuts

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Off

Normally the default setting of the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail is keyboard shortcuts off

Change this setting to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail by clicking the keyboard shortcuts on radio button

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts On

Then click the save change button at the bottom

Gmail Settings Save Changes

A few mostly useful and important keyboard shortcuts are given below

Note – The most of the key board short cuts in the Gmail are associated with the key G in the keyboard

G key + I key = Navigate back to the inbox from anywhere in Gmail


G key + S key = To filter all starred email


G key + D key = To open drafts 


G key + C key = Go to the contacts in you Gmail account


Use up and down arrows to navigate through your email massages To open the required email hit enter key 


Once you open the email, you can reply to the email by pressing R key


You can star your opened email with stars in used by continually pressing the S key on the key board. As you click the S key on the key board you can see the following star icon will be changed

+ key = To mark the e mails as an important message


L key –  To label an opened email. Once you click the L key it will show you all the labels available and all you have to do is select the required label by typing the up and down arrows on the key board and enter


U key – To go back to the inbox from the opened email.



Please note that you can find complete list of key board short cuts by clicking the following url at Google

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