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Gmail Interface

Let’s start by getting familiar with the Google mail interface because it’s quite important to learn about the components in the interface of any application for further learning

Gmail Interface


NO 01 - Google Logo

You can navigate back to the Gmail inbox by clicking on the Google logo


NO 02 - Google Mail Search

You can search an email or a contact using the Gmail search


NO 03 - Gmail drop down 

Using this you can switch through your contacts, inbox and the task list


NO 04 - Red compose button

This is the button we use to create a new email


NO 05 - Hang out chat window

This section is used to chat with your friends, family members and contact in your Google account.


NO 06 - Navigation list

This is the place that you can switch through your inbox, sent emails, drafts, spams and labels and many more

You can expand the navigation list by clicking the more button


NO 07 - Inbox tabs

Basically there are 5 inbox tabs available in the Gmail which are Primary/social /promotion/update/forums


NO 08 - Main section

This is the place where you can view and read your email.


NO 09 - Google app icon , Google notifications , Account photo

Google App Icon , Google Notifications , Account Photo

A - Google app icon

Once you click on the Google app icon it will give you a list of Google applications that you can navigate through and work.

Google App Icon

B - Google notifications

This is to get notification from your Google account


C - Account photo

Once you click on the account photo the following section will pop up. Under this section there are few things that you can work with.

Gmail Account Photo


A - You can change your profile picture

B - You can add another Google account to work simultaneously.

C - You can reach your Google account settings by clicking MY account button.

D - And most importantly sign out button to sign out from your Google account


NO 10 - Gear button

Once you click on the gear button it will give you a section where you can find all the settings to customize your Gmail account


NO 11 - Select Drop Down

You can use this drop down to select emails in a one category like unread.

Action buttons are usually hidden from the interface and it will appear after selecting emails by checking the check boxes. These buttons are used to delete your messages, label them or move them to a another tab or to do any other action on your emails

Google Action Buttons


NO 12 - Hangouts contacts, Hangouts conversations, Phone calls

You can hide the hang out chat window by clicking the following icon

To find a contact to hangout

This icon is to initiate a call using Google voice

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