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What is an UPS ?

In the computer world UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply.

This unit allows computer or any other device to stay alive when the main power source fails and protect computers and other hardware resources from any changes of the voltage including the lightning.

It also allows computer user to save their existing information without losing the information as the UPS will notify about the power failures and keeps computer up and running for a limited amount of time. UPS devices have a battery and the amount of time it can supply the power is normally shorter in many of the UPS devices.


Advantages of using an UPS


Protect computer hardware and other equipment

UPS are useful to protect computer hardware and other equipment such as computers, telecommunication equipment’s, serves, network devices and other electronic devices from the unexpected power failures.

Most people using computers without UPS are often replacing the computer hardware because of the damages due to the unexpected voltage drop.


Supports to a continues operation (Continuity)

After the power failure or a drop in voltage, User gets some time to work without any interruption until the backup power resources or main power resource is available. Even if the backup power resources such as generators are not available user have the ability to save the work and shout down the computer system safely. 


Data protection

User has the ability to save the existing work and quite from the work. If the ups are not available on your computer you will not be able to save the document or other data because computer will shut down suddenly.


Improve the quality of the power

Most of the time power supply is not consistent. UPS have the ability to balance the power and supply continues voltage to the electronic devices. This is a really important factor to increase the durability of any hardware resource.