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Types of software


System software and the Application software are the two main types of software.


What is system software?

System software is designed and developed to manage computer hardware resources and support the operation of the application software. System software also resides in between the hardware and the application software


What is Application software?

Application software is developed to help computer users to perform a certain types of activities. The above activities can be processing text, numbers, Graphics for supporting to day to day life.

Application software can be divided in to the following


Types of application software


Application Suites

These types of software packages include multiple types of software applications that can use to perform different type of activities. The well-known example is Microsoft Office package.


Word processing software

Software can be used to Composing, editing, formatting, and printing of documents and the well-known example is Microsoft Word


Database software

Database software is used to process information in a database by accessing, shorting, and modifying the database. Examples for application software include Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server


Spreadsheet software

Spreadsheet software allows computer user to capture, display, manipulate and calculate numerical data arranged in rows and columns. Well-known example is Microsoft Excel and it allows us to processing of data in cells using mathematical formulas.


Entertainment software

This type of software includes Software that can be used to play recorded video and audio. Computer Games and Screen Savers are also considered as entertainment software


Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is designed to full fill the requirements of an organization like company or other business rather than design to full fill the requirement of a single user.


Educational Software

Educational software comes with an Educational content that can be accessed through the application. Educational software is normally used by teachers and students for education purposes. Examples includes software like Encarta


Simulation Software

Simulation software simulates physical or abstract systems for research, training or entertainment purposes. It allows us to observe some activities without performing the actual task. 


Product engineering software

This software is used to developed software applications and hardware resources. Examples include Computer Aid Design (CAD).