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Custom Software 

Custom Software is an application developed to full fill the requirements of a single customer. This single customer could be a specific organization.

Most of the time customer software is not for reselling and more expensive than packaged software.

Custom software also termed as bespoke software and tailor-made software


Advantages of custom software

Custom software is capable of full filling the requirements that are unique for any specified organization


Disadvantages of custom software


Increase the cost of development. Expensive when compared to the packaged software.

Developing custom software can be expensive as the software development organization has to go through all the stages of the software development life cycle to develop the required software solution.


The amount of risk involvement would be high

At the beginning of any software development process, requirement should be clearly identified. If something went wrong during the requirements definition process, the end software product would not full fill the organization needs.


Issues related to maintenance and requirement changes


After delivering a custom software product, changes can be inevitable due to the changes that may be happened in the business process. When we consider the custom software development the people who are involved in the development process will not be available after delivering the software. In that case the organization would be in trouble to find the adequate knowledge level to develop the system to adapt the requested changes.