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How to remove malware by using Malwarebytes application

In this article we can learn about how to remove malware using a program call Malwarebytes


To down load Malwarebytes software use the following link.


Malwarebytes Download


Once you have completed the downloading, run the exe file


Malwarebytes EXE


Click on the run


Malwarebytes Run


Select the language to be used during the installation


Malwarebytes Language


Click the ok button

It will navigate you to the welcome page of the malware byte installation wizard


Malwarebytes Welcome


Click the next button

Check the I accept the agreement radio button instead of I do not accept the agreement radio button


Malwarebytes License Agreement


Click the next button

If you wish to read the important information, read it first and then click the next button


Malwarebytes Improvements And Issues


Select the destination folder in your computer to install the application.  For this instance I am going to leave it as default.


Malwarebytes Location


Click the next button

Select the location to place the program’s short cuts and I am going to leave this as default too


Malwarebytes ShortCuts 


Click the next button

Select the additional task

Leave the create a desktop icon check box as checked


Malwarebytes Desktop Icon


Click the next button

Now it shows you the setting previously you have selected as a summery and it’s ready to install


Malwarebytes Ready To Install


Click the install button

It will take a few second to install the application and it’s depends on your computer specification


Malwarebytes Installing


Uncheck the Enable free trial of malware bytes Anti- malware premium checkbox because we are using a free version of the application


Malwarebytes Finish


Click the finish button

Now you have successfully installed the application and are ready to remove malware in your computer

Click the blue scan button to start the threat scanning process


Malwarebytes Scan Now


Normally it will take reasonable time to scan your computer from the starting step check for updates to last step heuristic analysis


Malwarebytes Threat Scanning


We couldn’t find any threats because my computer had been scanned recently by this application

Once the scan is completed it will show you a list of treats detected during the scanning process

Click the remove selected blue button to remove the threats and you can find removed threats in the quarantine area in the history section


Malwarebytes History Section


Now you have successfully scanned and removed threats in your computer

To permanently remove scanned threat, go to the history and select the threats by checking the check boxes in the list and click the delete button or click the delete all button to remove all.       

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