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Malware is a term collectively used for malicious software which can use for all kind of computer threats.  We can consider malicious software as a program which may harm any computer, computer program or even computer hardware. Also malware negatively affects computer users in many different ways. Malware can do things like disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems or network, display unwanted advertising on your web browser.

Basically there are three types of malware to be considered. Such as virus, worms and Trojan



A virus is a malicious code that infects software and computer files on a computer. Virus can enter your computer attached with computer files, attachment of an email or USB storage device

However most of the time virus may exist on a system but it won’t be active or spread until and unless the user runs or opens the infected file or program.

Virus can do things like

Changing system settings, deleting files, disabling functions, sometimes even hardware damages



Worms have the ability to damage your computer and move from computer to computer in a network. That means worms do not need human support to spread. Sometimes we can’t find it in the computer because it has already moved to some where else.

Worms search for week points in your computer security and make it accessible to malicious programs.



Trojan is a class of application that enters your system pretending to be a legitimate software or part of software that help full for computer user. But the problem is Trojan can cantains all kinds of malware . Any other threats can enter your system as a Trojan.

Trojan allows third party to access your computer and spying on your work.

There are few types of malware to be considered.

Backdoor Trojans

Back door Trojan opens the backdoors for uninvited parties to enter remotely to your computer and these are the most dangerous types of Trojan attacks


Keyloggers steal user’s login credential and confidential data form any application by recording every key that user press.

Banking Trojans

Banking Trojans are designed to obtain user’s very impotent credential of online banking and payment systems and steal money from user’s bank account.


This type of Trojan downloads and updates malicious codes from a website or a remote server to your computer.


These are the security practices that you can follow to secure your computer or network form the malicious programs.


  • Install a antivirus software and update on regular basis - Antivirus software can prevent computer form virus attack and delete virus that already reside in your computer.
  • Using of an anti-malware program like Malwarebytes 

You can down load Malwarebytes software and Avast antivirus software using following links

Malware Bytes Avast Antivirus


  • Install a firewall
  • Make sure that you open only email attachments sent by reliable parties
  • Download files only from reliable web sites

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