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Domain Names and Web Hosting

The aim of this concise article is to make you aware of domain names and web hosting. Also we consider, what are the procedures to be followed to get a domain name and hosting space on the internet and what are the best options available at the moment.


Web Hosting

Web hosting just a term to describe all the required resources to set up a web site and is one of the most important things to host a web site on the internet.

Generally most people  explain this as a piece of land to build up a house or any infrastructure. That means you need a space on the internet to host your web site. Web hosting companies like HostGator provides required space to host your web site on the internet because they have vast range of resources in data centers. When we buy a hosting plane form the web hosting company they will provide a specified amount of space on their servers where your web site can occupy and also they provide 24 hour service with their highly trained staff.

What is a domain name?


Basically domain names are used to identify particular web site or web services in the internet

Domains names are used to identify one or more ip address in the internet and it represent ip address in a more human friendly way. It’s a unique address of a computer in the internet

Normally as we see the Top level domain, we can get an idea about the purpose of the web site

Top-level domains (TLD) are at the highest level of the Domain Name System hierarchy which we will describe in an article later


As an example when we consider , top level domain is .com

There are only a limited number of such domains. Following are the few examples for top level domains


To get a domain name you have to decide on a name that suits your purpose of your website or your business and availability also should be checked


How to get a domain name


In this exercise, we are going to look how to check availability for a domain and how to register your domain

To check availability of the domain we work with the .

Please note that there are more such options available in the internet such as


Go to the HostGator web site

Go to the domain name section and then you can check the availability of the domain of which you have decided




Domain Names and Web Hosting Tutorial Hostgator


As an example I am checking the availability of the domain name called domesticated brain which I have already taken


Domain Names and Web Hosting Tutorials Hostgator1


Then click the search button and you can see as it’s not available


Domain Names and Web Hosting Tutorials Availability


If it’s available you can go ahead and buy your domain name

You can pay by credit card or using pay pal. But paying by you pay pal account is highly recommended

After registering a domain name no one can register in the same name

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