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 Introduction to cloud computing 


Today the term ‘cloud computing’ has become one of the most significant words among IT professionals in everywhere in the world

In this article given in detail, we are going to find out, what is cloud computing? , the pros and cons of the cloud computing and what are the technologies pertaining to it

When we look into network diagrams we can see the internet is shown as a cloud


Cloud Computing Tutorials Network Diagram


So the cloud computing is mostly defined as metaphor to the internet 

The most simple way of explaining  cloud computing is storing, accessing, and processing data over the internet instead of using personal computers and local area networks  

If further defined :

we can find a remote sever hosted in the internet to store, manage and process data within a cloud computing environment rather than using traditional client server architecture


Advantages of cloud computing


Improve accessibility - One of the biggest advantages in cloud computing is that we can access the hosted application anytime, anywhere in the world if you have a proper internet connection

Reduce cost – No need to spend money to buy hard ware equipment (reduce spending money to build expensive infrastructures to run the applications locally) and software (reduce cost of expensive software licenses)

Security -There is a possibility to lose devices like laptops by people in day today activities .therefore storing data in the cloud would be much secured than keeping it locally.

Less energy consumption - Using an in house infrastructure may eats up more energy, resulting an increase in the cost of electricity which invariably affects the environment

Improve flexibility – sometime organizations tend to change systems or expand their systems. Upgrading in house servers and other infrastructures may be costly and more time consuming. Expanding of the bandwidth may be easier and faster with cloud service providers because normally they have a vast range of resources


Disadvantages of cloud computing 


Internet outage - The issues with the internet connection could leads to cut down your access to the hosted application. That means cloud computing totally depends on the internet connection


Any Issues with cloud service provider definitely affect the hosted applications

Sensitive data - Moving a system which processes sensitive data to a cloud computing environment may leads to create many issues in different ways

Vendor lock- in - means moving an application from one cloud services provider to another vendor is sometimes difficult due to the problems with different types of platforms they are using.

Since the venders used different types of platforms the moving of an applications form one cloud service provider to another could be difficult

Limited controll on hosting environment and deployments for cloud users



Elements of a cloud computing solution 


Client – Clients are the devices which are used to manage information by interacting with the cloud

Client can be divided into three main categories

  •     Mobile – Mobile phones
  •     Thin client – computers without a hard driver on it
  •     Think client – Normal desktop computers with web browsers installed on it ( Ex PC/Laptops/tablets/Mobile phones )
  •     Data Centers - Can be a server or a collection of servers with other relevant equipment 


Types of cloud services


SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS is a method used in cloud computing for individuals and organizations to access hosted software applications over the internet as a service. Within this type of environment, users do not required to concern about the license and updates of the soft wares being used

Advantages of moving to a SaaS

If we use cloud environments there is no need to spend money over expensive software products and software updates because there is no initial cost for setting up the environment to run the applications locally 

All the required hardware and software updates shall be done by cloud service provider

Pay as you go method - if we are using a software application for a limited time period you will have to pay only for that period of time sepnt

Ex – Salse, Google apps, Microsoft Office365, Quick book online  

Cloud Computing Tutorials Google Apps  Cloud Computing Tutorials QuickBooks  Cloud Computing Tutorials Office 365  Cloud Computing Tutorials Salesforce 



IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

Iaas is  one of the main methods used in cloud computing for providing computer resources in a virtualized environment to access over the internet where customers can put whatever they want on it. when we consider IaaS we Often focus on hardware and other infrastructure instead of applications

Ex- Amazon web services

Cloud Computing Tutorials Amazon Web Services



PaaS (Platform as a service)

Platform as a service is a another method of cloud computing that provides a platform for software developers to develop, run, and manage web applications

Cloud service providers supply resources to build applications and services to developers 

The main advantage of this, developer can focus on their development process without thinking of the development environment thereby saving time  

Therefore PaaS is good for development, design and testing process of applications

Ex – Google app engine, MicrosoftAzure

Cloud Computing Tutorials Google App Engine Cloud Computing Tutorials Microsoft Azure


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