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The units of measuring digital information

This concise article is to get an idea about the units of measuring digital information

Especially there are two units to be considered 

That is: - bits and bytes


The bit is the smallest unit of digital information used for measuring data in computing. A single bit can have only one of two values and mostly either 0 or 1

The other types of two values that we can use in computer programming are as follows 

  • Logical values (true/false)
  • Algebraic sign (+/-)

lowercase b letter represents the bite in computing


Byte being a fundamental unit of storage measuring, could be used for almost all computer architectures

Uppercase B letter represents the byte in computing and 8 bits are equal to 1 byte.

Please refer the following table to get a comprehensive idea about the units of measurement used in computing and their relationship between each other

 Unite Abbreviation value
 Bit  b  0 or 1
 Byte  B  8 bits
 Kilobyte  KB  1024 bytes
 Megabyte  MB   1,048,576 bytes
 Gigabyte  GB  1,073,741,824 bytes
 Terabyte   TB  1,099,511,627,776 bytes
 Petabyte  PB  1,125,899,906,842,624 bytes
 Exabyte  EB  1PB * 1024
 Zettabyte  ZB  1EB * 1024
 Yottabyte  YB  1ZB * 1024

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