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Black Box Testing


Black Box Testing is a method of software testing that can be used to examine the functionality of a software component or a software application without concerning the internal structure or other programing of the system. If further defined when we use this method for testing software, testers think that the software component as a black box and they only concentrate about the system functionalities. Testers will only focus on the relationship between the inputs and the corresponding outputs. During the black box testing process if testers managed to find any difference between the expected output (The output that the system should produce according to the inputs) and the output produced by the system during the block box testing, which reveals that they have discovered a problem with the software being developed.


Black Box Testing


Black-box testing also termed as functional testing and Behavioral testing. It’s also capable of applying to every level of software testing known as unit, integration, system and acceptance testing.


Advantages of black box testing


The people who are testing using the method of black box testing can test a software component or a software application without referring to internet structure of the system. Therefore they do not need the knowledge of internal application structure or programming knowledge.

This method is also reliable when we need to test the large software components or software applications

Since the black box testing method does not involve any technical or programming knowledge, end users can also include in the software testing process and it will helps system users to get familiar with the software being developed at the earliest stage.