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Installing Joomla

To run Joomla on your computer you need to have
Web server (Apache), Programming language (PHP), database (MySQL)

You can get all of these installing XAMPP

Once you have installed XAMPP in your computer you can install Joomla later

Download Joomla using following link

You can select the version you wish to download


Installing Joomla Version


Create a new folder called Joomla (Name of the folder could be any) inside the htdocs


Copy everything inside the zip folder you have downloaded and paste in to the folder you have recently created inside the htdocs folder


Installing Joomla Folder


Setting up the database

Go to the phpMyAdmin
Create a New database called Joomla


Installing Joomla Setting Up The Database 01

Installing Joomla Setting Up The Database 02


Type the following path in URL bar

Fill information required

Site name
Description – you can provide a description which will be the global Meta description for the website


 Installing Joomla Main Configuration


Then click the next button

Fill the information required about the database configuration

Database name
User name
Most of the time username would be root and password would be blank in windows machines


Installing Joomla Database Configuration

Then click the next button

Select none (if you want to proceed with black installation)


Installing Joomla Finalisation

Click the install button

There is one thing remaining to be done before using Joomla

Click site button if you want to reach front end of the website
Click administrator button if you want to reach back end of the website


Installing Joomla Congratulations!


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