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When we consider search engine optimization (SEO), keywords are really important

Let’s start by answering the following question


What do we actually mean by keywords?


Keywords are the search terms people type in the search engine like Google , Bing , Yahoo to find out what they want.

Keywords are the terms internet users search for

Keyword can be a single word or multiples of words.

Multiples of words can be considered as a keyword phases

Analysis of keywords is one of the most important things in a good SEO campaign. Keyword analysis should be done at the very beginning of the SEO campaign.

As an example let’s analyze the following scenario.

People can type different search terms to search video tutorials to learn Microsoft Word

One can enter different terms like


  • MS Word Video Tutorials
  • Microsoft Word Tutorials
  • Microsoft Word Tutorials for beginners
  • Word video tutorials …etc

In that case we can classify the following as keywords.


MS, MS Word, Microsoft, Microsoft Word, Video Tutorials, Microsoft Word Tutorials, MS Word Video Tutorials, Microsoft Word Tutorials for beginners, Word video tutorials…etc